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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Assignment

The asignment is typed below. The grade criteria has not been attached yet - but don't panic - you'll definitely get that before you submit all of your work and you'll get feedback on each chunk you send to me that will give you an indication of the level you're performing at. Provided you do all the bits that are asked for, it's very easy to get a decent mark here.

Assignment Reference : Personal and Professional Development 1

Assignment Title : Identifying opportunities for Personal and Professional Development

Tutor : Kerry Hazlewood

Student Name :

Date Issued : October 2006

Submission Date : January 2007

Learning Outcomes

To achieve this unit a learner must:
  • Adopt different approaches to learning and the resolution of problems
  • Recognise and use techniques and methods of practice common to organisations in the computing sector
  • Develop a range of methods to communicate effectively orally, by demonstration and in writing in a clear and effective manner on limited and well-defined topics
  • Demonstrate an ability to select an appropriate range of skills and employ those skills in a particular context
  • Demonstrate the need to be self-critical and reflective in extracting learning, knowledge and skills from the experience in the computing sector

This Assignment Booklet is to be used by you and your tutor to record your progress.
Do not lose this and ensure you hand it in with any completed work.

Assessed by


Assignment Specification Internally Verified By


Assignment Submission
Assignments should be handed in on the above submission date. If the deadline is not met, a deduction of 5% of the total mark will be applied for each day the work is late (excluding weekends). Should 5 days pass without submission a grade of zero will be recorded. Interim guidance may be obtained prior to submission. Where mitigating circumstances apply, the student must state these in writing with appropriate evidence.
Presentation of Assignment
Use transparent-fronted folders and ensure that this assignment booklet is included at the front. Ensure that it includes your name and Leeds College of Technology ID number.
All sections must be firmly attached within the folder and should include a contents page. All pages should be numbered.
Plagiarism is taken very seriously. Any work found to have been plagiarised from another student, manual, textbook, internet, intranet or any other source will be handed back to the student for resubmission. If there is a repeat occurrence, the work will be zero marked.
Assessment Information
The Personal and Professional Development assignment is in three parts. All three parts must be achieved to successfully this unit.
Interim deadlines for each section may be set.
No grade can be awarded if no evidence is submitted due to work being lost or damaged.

Task 1


You will need to develop a portfolio containing the following:

· Evidence that diagnostic tests have been undertaken and a response to these
· An indication that you have identified your learning style and analysed the significance of this, including the characteristics of other learning styles you wish to develop
· Identification of your strengths / weaknesses and areas for development
· Identification of the way you study and how this can be developed
· Evidence of problem solving techniques
· Evidence of target setting and action planning and the steps that will be taken to achieve these
· Evaluation of progress against the action plan
· An exploration of methods of practice common to the computing sector, including specific case studies

This will consist of the exercises and tasks you undertake throughout the course and will be supplemented with your own research and reflection.

Criteria Covered: Learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3

Task 1 Deadline:

Tutor feedback

Tutor Signature: Date:

Task 2

Reflective Journal

You will need to maintain a reflective journal throughout the course. In this, you will be expected to:

· Discuss your experiences at work, relating these to your study at college
· Identify areas for continuing professional development
· Explore recent innovations in Computing
· Discuss any issues that are of interest to you

You will present this information in an appropriate format to this level of study. However, we encourage you to use the PebblePad, e-portfolio tool. Please refer to the PebblePad handbook

Criteria Covered: Learning outcomes 1, 2 and 5

Task 2 Deadline:

Tutor feedback

Tutor Signature: Date:

Task 3


This will be an individual presentation. Your audience will consist of your tutor and peers.

Within your presentation you should:

· Draw together the information you have gathered for your portfolio and your PebblePad reflections on your working practices
· Demonstrate your progress against your action plan

Below is a more detailed plan outlining the specific sections the presentation must contain.

Section 1 - Introduction

§ Introduce yourself
§ Explain your reasons for opting for the Foundation Degree

Section 2 – Your career

§ Explain what your future career goals are and the time limit you have set yourself to achieve them
§ Explore specific training, qualifications etc. you will need to undertake to achieve your goals and how you will access this

Section 3 – Your targets

§ List the specific study targets you set for yourself at the start of the year
§ Assess how well you have met those targets and what exactly you did to facilitate this
§ Explain some strategies for time management and the ways in which you plan and manage your time to ensure you achieve in your units
§ List each of your units and what you have gained from them in terms of technical and non-technical skills - Refer to the diagnostic tests and your skills audits
§ Comment on how these skills will support you in your future career

Section 4 – The ways we learn

§ Comment on the different ways in which people learn and can take ownership of their own learning e.g. Visual / Auditory / Kinaesthetic learning styles, the Belbin index and anything else you have learnt about through your research
§ Make reference to Honey and Mumford – more specifically how a knowledge of the ways we learn can improve our ability to achieve in college and beyond
§ Comment on the type of learner you are and how this can support you

Section 5 – Assessment of Progress

· Provide a thorough analysis of your progress against the action plan you established
· Make explicit the targets you will set for yourself for the coming semester

Criteria Covered: Learning outcomes 3, 4 and 5

Task 3 Deadline:

Tutor feedback

Tutor Signature: Date:




Blogger AMPearce said...

Hi Kerry. Might be best if you hand this out as a paper copy, as it'll be more obvious how it all fits together.

If I interpret it correctly;
- Task 1 is all the little sections you posted up on your blog (except the one marked reflective practice)
- Task 2 is a lovely little presentation you'll drop on us in January ;)
- Task 3 is the blog we should do

Am i on the right lines?


4:28 PM  
Blogger AMPearce said...

Ok, got task 2 and 3 the wrong way round, but you know what I mean :D

4:30 PM  
Blogger Kerry said...

You're quite right, Andy - task 1 which is all the little chunks on the blog has some bearing on the presentation too (so should save on the amount of prep for this).

I will provide a paper copy, I've only hung fire on this because Leeds Met are supposed to provide verfiication of the assignment and hadn't done so. I didn't want to hand out a paper copy and then tell you there were some bits of tinkering to do. I'll be able to give you the paper copy next week though.

Thanks for this

2:57 AM  
Blogger Gediminas said...

Hi Kerry there you can find my blog

9:25 AM  
Blogger Kerry said...

Thanks Gediminas. I've not been able to get on your blog(college blocker not letting me for some reason) but, I have now been on and commented.


6:19 AM  
Blogger rs-senior said...

Hi Kerry

I have created my own blog account but did not start writing my blogs. You can access my blogs at

I will certainly start filling my blogs this week


6:58 PM  

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